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Message from the Business Development Manager

"Investment House provides a complete project management and buyer's agency service that allows you to acquire select investment properties with maximum profit potential - all 'without getting your hands dirty'.

Whether you're after a four bedroom home in a high-growth suburb for medium term capital gains,or a development for immediate profits, we can help you select the right property or development project.

It's one of the most effective yet hassle-free ways to tap into the very promising Brisbane market."

Colin Ferguson
Business Development Manager

"Smart Strategies For Buying Property
To Lock In Immediate Equity Gains"

Although there are many variations, the core strategies that we recommend depend upon whether your goal is to generate additional income or build a portfolio of properties.

Four Core Strategies

Each core strategy relates to a scenario where we project manage a property development on your behalf. Because we do the work for you, you can get involved even if you′re time-poor or have no experience with property development.

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Let′s take a brief look at the 4 Core Strategies:

Strategy 1: Generate an immediate profit (additional income)

The aim is to develop your project and sell it as soon as it is completed. Because the development process adds value, it′s possible to sell for an immediate profit and effectively earn an additional 50K in income per annum without working any harder. This strategy can work for a single house, a "splitter" site of two houses, or a townhouse / unit development. The larger the project, the bigger your potential profit.

In addition to managing the development process for you, Investment House is also able to help you sell your properties.

Strategy 2: Build a portfolio of properties

You can also elect to undertake a project with a longer-term "investment" approach. In this case, you would rent the properties to take advantage of rental income and tax advantages in addition to longer-term capital gains.

As you develop additional sites, you bring new cashflow streams and potential tax breaks on tap as you build your portfolio.

Strategy 3: Hybrid strategy

You can also adopt a "hybrid strategy". Many of our clients sell one house and rent the other, or live in one house and rent the other. Over the years, your goals may evolve and your strategy can evolve in tandem.

Strategy 4: Landbanking

Finally, you can use a "landbanking" strategy to secure prime development sites at today's prices for future developing. This is particularly useful when buoyant market conditions make it more difficult to buy land, develop and sell for a significant profit. It's a sound strategy for securing value-adding opportunities in the real estate marketplace, as well as receiving the regular buy-and-hold benefits that you'd expect as an investor. Click here for more information about landbanking strategies.

What to do now

There are a number of options when it comes to buying property. These depend on a number of factors including your objectives and your financial situation. To find out more about your options, why not contact us for a free, no-obligation chat?

In one short session in person or on the phone, we can suggest a range of strategies that may be available to you.

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